A'eyshn Demiir

“A cynic by experience, a romantic by inclination and now a hero by necessity.”

David Gemmell


A'eyshn "Aysun" Demiir
Race: Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun), fangs indicate some mixed blood
Gender: Female
Nameday: 16th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Age: It's complicated (28/33)
Place of birth: At sea
Guardian: Oschon, the Wanderer
Devout: Llymlaen, the Navigator
Grand Company: Maelstrom allegiance, Foreign Levy
Employment: Adventurers' Guild, Darkfire Forge, Apocrypha Auctions & Acquisitions, Esper Enterprises
Current Residence: Darkfire Forge, the Goblet
Marital Status: Married
Height: 4 fulms, 10 ilms
Body: Petite, fit, small bust
Hair: Blonde, curly, messy
Eyes: Heterochromia-brown/blue
Scars: Notable scars: left eyebrow/hairline, cheek, abdomen, and significant scarring on her palms and fingers.
Marks: Mark of the Twelve on her back from Carteneau. Small traditional smudge of white paint below her left eye.
Voice: Relatively monotone, but feminine in pitch. Lominsan accent.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Chakrams (Dancer), ShortbowsImpeccable aim and she uses her movement as a focus for aether-enhanced attacks. However, she is not above fighting dirty at close range if in a bind.She despises sparring and training, thus does not keep her close combat ability maintained. She has no experience with most other weapons.
The Echo / "Blessing," Aetherical ProwessBeing "gifted" with the Echo grants her a definite overall edge as an adventurer. Her strength with aether manipulation is very high..But it is instinctively and emotionally fueled, thus generally unpredictable. She has no actual training in any of the schools of magic.
Basic Crafting, FishingShe is a skilled fisher and has developed skill in bow-making from maintaining her own weapons/making her own arrows. As an amateur cartographer hobbyist, she love to explore and is an expert at wandering...and by extension, getting lost. She is also by no means adept at any of her crafts outside of weaving, which was also a hobby for her. She has basic understanding and ability as a leatherworker and carpenter, but much is beyond her skill.


Born and grown at sea, A'eyshn was raised by her mother and a crew of vagrants on a reliable, although not very reputable ship. A trading vessel, according to her mother, called the Alacritie. There were no other children or Miqo'te to grow up with, nor women at all other than her mum.. and a few hyur wenches that stowed away, of course, later to be welcomed by the men needing comfort in their hammocks.But her young mother had also needed comfort during one particular docking in her home, Limsa Lominsa... there she met a Miqo'te man with blue eyes she could not resist. After a short, whirl-wind romance, it was back to sea with the other men. Several moons passed, and she confessed to the Captain. There was no denying it. Ashamed, she promised she would not entangle herself like that again. She would be alone raising the child; the man had disappeared just as quickly as she had fallen in love with him. It was lucky she kept her position at all aboard the ship, let alone being allowed to raise her daughter there.They trained her in tailoring. She learned to manipulate and create with leathers, cloths, and woods. What a place it was for a child.. she had no friends or play. It was always learning, observing, and practicing. Life on the tradeship was often also dangerous: she was told pirates attacked the ship unrelentingly, wanting the goods that were the crew's livelihood. But Llymlaen is merciful, and they escaped them time and time again while she was sheltered below decks.As she grew older, the Wanderer's influence on her nature became more apparent. Many bells she spent staring out at the seas. There were so many islands they stopped at along the way, to trade and to rest. There were girls on these islands, and they danced so beautifully. She studied their dances, practicing as she did all things. Back on the ship mostly she was alone, and she danced to the music she heard in her heart whenever she could. Sometimes, however, the men played real music for her on deck.Eventually the girl wasn't a girl anymore, she was a woman. South they went on one route, leaving the humid air before docking once more. This place, Thanalan... it was this place she had to be. The sun shown long hours, and dry heat warmed her. It was amazing and it called to her. But the ship had to return to Limsa Lominsa, its storage was full of pelts and ores and its supplies were replenished with exotic cactus-fruits, nuts, and fresh and dried meats from the inland – a real treat for the men.

Sixteen and dressed in her best, she waved to her mother, a weathered short bow on her back. An archer, raised at sea? Her teacher found aiming at a moving target - on a moving boat! - good practice for marksmanship. The rough seamen she grew up with, highlander and Midlanders, a quiet giant of a Roegadyn, the Elezen who was her teacher, and of course a round little Lalafell, vagrants, and such good men, were there to see her off.As many places as she had been, the places she had seen.. she had truly seen only a fraction of Eorzea as it was known to those born and raised on the land. The people, the races she'd never interacted with (mostly her own), she knew nothing of them or their rumors of war. She would find a caravan to take her to the city nearest, one called Ul'dah. There, a parade was taking place. Oh, there was a dancer, like her... How lovely she was. Perhaps she could find somewhere in this city to work and dance too?

Hear. Feel. Think.

Friends & Family

Tufh'to Ananke-Friendly dancer co-worker, pupil
Selene Artemis-Former close friend, imprisoned, not forgotten
Navei Asue-Former boss and friend, not forgotten
Roman Barlowe-Curious co-worker
Enkhjarjal Dalamiq-Odd boss
Fenix Darkfire♥-Tall husband, partner for 8 years, married for 6
E'irawen Demiir♥-Missing half-brother
Galvadan Edgecrusher-Former close friend, not forgotten
Camille Everardi♥-Cousin by marriage, scary but sweet
Reppu Hijiri-Long-time friend, abrasive as she is
Alexois de Jervaint-Odd friend, stuffy
R'das Sahazrh-Drunk but special
I'rhane Sana♥-Half-sister, dislike immensely
Gabriella de Jervaint, née Vuivaire-Great baker
Rachelle Woods-Dance pupil and friend
Eva Zelorius-Priestess with kind ears

Hooks & OOC

Server: Balmung (Crystal DC)
Character: Aysun Demiir
Discord: Aysun#3912
Player: 30's/F, CST/CDT (generally online 6pm-9:30pm)
- Looking for: friends, enemies, employers/commissioners, old flames, drunk sleazebags, family members (via a prolific Miqo'te father with blue eyes), people to explore with.. Give me some drama, casual, raids, whatever!
- I love doing game-stuff IC when it makes sense! Aysun's a "seasoned adventurer" after all.
- Aysun is a "side character," generally used for/involved in progressing others' plots without having a major one up front herself.
- Social/casual RP is just as fun as deep plot and combat, to me.
- I don't ERP with randos and Aysun is monogamous. Good luck.
- Aysun is a warrior of light and a (B-team?) Scion, but she is not the Warrior of Light. I've been playing her since 1.0 open beta and her story goes back to then. Her personal story interweaves with the MSQ regularly and definitely bends the lore at times. It's okay if you don't want to deal with that, it won't hurt my feelings! I tend to use her MSQ-ties to allow other characters go places and do things IC they felt restricted from due to the single-player storytelling we're given by the MSQ. Regardless, she keeps most of it to herself anyway. TL;DR Aysun is a big ol' snowflake but I hope she's still fun.
- I'm a terrible person about seeking RP OOCly due to bad social anxiety. I do best with organic RP, and tend to just jump IC when I can and enjoy organic starts to scenes, so please don't be offended if I don't contact you OOC for RP! It's not lack of interest, it's anxiety.

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